36 weeks! Any advice, hints tips or otherwise?

So Donna is now at 36 weeks. Ante-natal classes have been attended. The room is ready, the furniture built.


Now I know you are not supposed to listen to other people, you have to find your own way etc etc – but I’m still interested in what other people’s experience has told them about parenthood – from my role at the hospital (DO be supportive, DON’T go to watch sport) to those all important first few days and weeks.

So leave me a comment with your advice below!

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Getting ready & changes already!

Preparing to paint

Preparing to paint

So the nursery is painted and ready to go – just the cot bed to get and build. We are at 33 weeks and 4 days, and had a scan today and all is good. Having a baby is going to be life changing, but we have already had one big change.

For a long time, Donna has maintained that we have sides of the bed (as you look up at the pillows Donna on the left, me on the right. This has always been so – when we go on holiday, stay with friends, no compromise. With the pregnancy, Donna has had some restless nights – more frequent trips to the toilet, being too hot, generally uncomfortable with the belly. She has been following advice to sleep facing left (something about blood vessels) which has meant I have found myself hanging out of the bed – so no sleep for anyone.

The other night I made Donna get out of bed to clean her teeth, and she then sat on my side of the bed to do it. So I got into her side – ha! She then stole the pillows from under my head and promptly had the best nights sleep she’d had in ages. Closer to the toilet, and more space for the belly.

I never thought I would get Donna to swap sides. Just goes to show you the changing power of a bay – even before birth!

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Just another regular update…

So the baby blogging has not been going great. We now have about 10 weeks to go. The baby’s room has been painted, travel system acquired along with many other generous gifts.

Baby boy Harris is due in just 10 weeks time!

I have done some reading – I liked ‘The Expectant Dad’s Handbook‘ but have struggled a bit with Commando Dad . Ante-natal classes will start soon and there is a general air of excitement.

When I finished the first book, I started asking Donna some questions – most of which she did not know the answers too, but gave us some interesting things to think about. The first was about where she wanted me to stand during the birth. The book suggested I might like to stand in the middle, so I could hold Donna’s hand, but also position a mirror so she could the birth of our child. Apparently I will not be doing that.

I also asked Donna if she would like me to perform perineal massage. She did not know what that was. I told her. She declined. Check it out here.

I will try and do some more blog posts for you, honest!

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Twenty week scan!

Today, we had the twenty week scan – also called the anomaly scan (which is a bit scary).

As this is a brief post, lets just say that the baby is developing as it should, has appropriate number of limbs etc etc.

Will aim to do some more updates soon! I ‘daddy’ book read, another to go…

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Reading material

Thanks to everyone who suggested some reading material – be it book or online to check out to ease me into fatherhood. I’ll write reviews as I get through it, but if you fancy joining my new book club then check out the following:

The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide – this was recommended by a former colleague of Richard’s whose husband found it invaluable apparently. Thanks to @5upergirl007 for that one, it’s on order!

Commando Dad is a whole load of content – book, Facebook page and YouTube channel. There are more books to come too. This has been recommended by father to be Carl – so thanks to @carljohnson1983 for that. Also ordered, review to come!

I also have a colleague offering a set of books she describes as ‘The Baby Bible’ which I’ll also be delving into.

Please do let us know of any other good sites, or sources of advice!

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The story so far…

Today we had the dating scan for our baby. We are 13 weeks pregnant, with the Estimated Due Date (EDD) 14/7/14. We got to see our foetus again (more on that later) and for much longer and in much more detail than I expected. The scan showed us facial features (we argued about the origins of the nose) and feet. Little Cletus even did a fist bump for mummy and daddy!

It certainly makes everything more real, and seeing all the other expectant parents, at various stages and sizes. The scan technician was lovely and really thorough. As it often does, the NHS and it’s capacity to provide services free at the point of access did amaze me – it is definitely something I want to protect for my child – but I guess that is more of a post for my other blog.

Anyway, we celebrated with fish and chips – still checking out the options around our new home – and they were very good!

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First post!

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the Spawn of Harris blog! As baby stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea, we are using this to give updates on all things baby Harris. Both Richard & Donna will be contributing, we might even have a guest post or two if we think someone has good stuff to say.

So, over the next week or so…

We’ll add author profiles to the site for people who don’t know us to get a bit of background info.

We’ll scan our scan pictures so you can see our amazing fist pumping bump.

We’ll add some kind of side bar to link to the cool sites and other blogs we find

We’ll find a better picture for the top of the blog that WordPress kindly provided.

So stay tuned!

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